Better Priority NFT Card


Betterticket Note: We plan to finish the minting website soon but for now, we will have some basic information here.

Better Priority NFT Card® is only 1 NFT with a total supply of 1000. Betterticket Knight members will be able to mint it at 0.03 ETH and the rest of the classes after Class 3 will mint at 0.1 ETH before it goes live to public.

For peace of mind, refunds of the NFT sale will be offered up to 30 days after you purchase and mint the NFT. If you feel the project does not live up to our promises and if you think this is a poor project to be a part of. You may claim your NFT Mint money back within 30 days of the mint date.

More information will be available soon. Transparency and respect for community funds are important to us. For us, it is extremely important to ensure everyone can get a refund for their NFT Mint if this isn't something they want to support.

What are the benefits of “Better Priority NFT Card®”

When you refer to benefits, you mean not flipping the NFT but holding it. In that case, Better Priority NFT Card® holders will enjoy a number of benefits. This NFT awards you membership rewards points allowing you to redeem flexible event tickets that have varying values.

Some of these benefits are:

Better Priority NFT Card® NFT holders give you access to the Better Card® NFT community whitelist and token airdrop.

Better Priority NFT Card® NFT holders receive complimentary discounts on event tickets. Additionally, this enrolled you in Betterticket Member Status, which connects you to top-rated events both in Web 3.0 and Web 2.0.

Better Priority NFT Card® NFT holders automatically receive points and credits per year which allows them to purchase worldwide event tickets at an affordable price through Betterticket platform.

Better Priority NFT Card® NFT holders get free access to Betterticket worldwide event afterparties. Our after parties range from Bitcoin Conference, NFT.NYC, Eth Denver, Dcentral Miami, and more international after parties hosted by Betterticket.

Better Priority NFT Card® NFT holders get exclusive invitations to exclusive blockchain events, such as DAOs secret events, Crypto Conferences, and KOL meetups.

In different sectors such as music, theater and sports, NFT Holders have access to presale NFT Event tickets from the event launchpad.

In the weeks leading up to the NFT sale, we will have more information. Questions like, where to mint? Mint Date and Time? All of that will be answered in our NFT Sale Article coming up in the next couple of weeks.