Betterticket Goals

Betterticket Goals

🧭 Mission

Betterticket is a one-stop event ticketing hub that serves everyone, DAOs, Crypto & NFT Communities, and event enthusiasts. The potential for events in Web 3.0 and Metaverse is enormous. However , current adoption of events in Web 3.0 is far behind.

First, Web 3.0 does not have a central "Event Hub" where we can explore all kinds of Web 3 events, ranging from Discord meetings to full-fledged blockchain conferences. There is no event aggregator platform for Web 3 that provides all event info and opportunities.

Second: There is no Web 3 event platform that allows users who attend either real-life and Metaverse events to maximize the value of their NFT event tickets. The best use of NFT is Event Tickets. But, we have yet to see a model that truly embodies Web 3.0 technology.

Third, There is no event launchpad for Web 3.0 users. This concept is usually only used in crypto projects or NFTs launch. However, events usually generate the same returns or more as many crypto projects. Having for the first time, an Event Launchpad would allow people to gain access to early valuable event tickets so they can resell them for profit and also enables Event funding and fractionalizing investment in events.

This is why Betterticket was created. The mission of Betterticket is to overcome these existing problems in the Web 3.0 event while also enabling event economy into DeFi.

🔭 Vision

In five years, most DeFI projects will not exist. However, people will still attend events. There will always be events. Events will not change regardless of the regulatory clarity that the government will have around crypto. Many people in the future will also attend and participate in Metaverse events. That’s where the world is going.

We at Betterticket believe this, and we are positioning ourselves to become the world's leading Web 3.0 and Metaverse Event Platform. For an event platform to become the modern event platform of the future, it must keep up with new technology and provide attendees with a "better," "more innovative," and "more immersive" experience. That’s what Betterticket is.

We also envision a future where Betterticket can become its own vendor, hosting music festivals, creating multiple shows, and procuring sports event tickets directly from stadiums and arenas worldwide. Eventually, we hope to become a starting point for Web 2.0 artists, managers, and promoters to learn about and participate in Metaverse events and the creator economy in Web 3.0.

⚖️ Core Values

As a tribe, we abide by 3 core values.

Live by the golden rule.

Each and every member of our community is treated with respect. No one is more important than any other member.

The meritocracy

It is our belief that meritocracy should be embraced and cherished. If you perform, you will be rewarded for your efforts. It's as simple as that.

Experience is everything

Our platform is designed to provide the best experience during all of our events. As our customer, attendees or event professionals,  you will be treated with the highest level of service no matter what the situation may be.