Betterticket Products

Betterticket Products

The dream of Betterticket is to become the only Web 3.0 event platform that offers all-in-one event products and fractionalized event assets to people with limited capital to invest in events.

As the number of Events, Ticket sales, and Users increases in Web 3.0, the value of our platform will exponentially increase. To meet these needs, Betterticket offers a variety of products, such as:

1️⃣ Event Ticket Sales and Ticket Management

A permissionless ways of creating and hosting any events (Virtual, In-person, Metaverse). Our first product also offers easy access to any event you want. Event managers can easily plan, promote, and coordinate their events with ease.

2️⃣ Event NFTs Ticket marketplace

Search, Select and Buy your NFT Event Tickets. Then, trade it on our NFT Event ticket marketplace or any NFT marketplace such as Opensea and Rarible as you wish. Our second product allows NFTs Event Ticket to be sold, gifted or transferred to anyone with peace in mind.

3️⃣ Event Metaverse Hub

Access all events taking place in all the Metaverses, including the Blockchain Metaverse (Decentraland, Sandbox, TCG World, etc) and normal Virtual World (Facebook Horizon, Epic Game, Tencent, etc.). Our third product is unique and new. Fans from around the world can meet at Betterticket Metaverse Hub to fully enjoy share virtual events worlds like virtual stadiums, clubs, museums, amphitheaters, and festivals.

4️⃣ Event Launchpad

Fans get early access to fractionalizing events investments, while DAOs and Independent Web 3.0 communities use the event launchpad to apply for help with their self-organized events planning, both in person and in Metaverse.

5️⃣ Event Package

Get a bundle deal of not only an event ticket but also airlines and hotel deals. Betterticket Event Packages offer both Web 3 and Web 2 users the ability to take full advantage of the decentralization experience through endless adventures, memorable moments and souvenirs directly provided by Betterticket in the form of package deals.