Community Quests


Betterticket Note: We are excited to introduce Betterticket quest

After hearing suggestions from our members, we now see a great opportunity in incorporating quests as a way to not only give our members a purpose in the community, but also help the project progress as we continue to code the platform. Quest will empower members and give them greater benefits from the community before launch.

For instance, members can use their skill sets in their quest to contribute at their own pace in order to progress quickly. Betterticket members can unlock benefits, perks, and other insights that help them profit from the project and build relationships with other members.


Quest has set objectives that provide rewards when completed. Here's where you can keep track of them: —>

Please use discord if you need further information about any of the quests listed here —>,

We review quests on a daily basis. If you have completed a quest, please share it in the general-chat│🎪 or off-topics│⚽. It will be reviewed by a mod and approved if it meets all the requirements. When you complete a quest, your name will be added to the quest journal and you will automatically gain points.

When you jump into a quest, please make it public on the general chat that you will be taking it, so that the entire community knows and won't touch your quest. Once you have completed the quest, you should open a discord ticket and share your result.


Each quest has a point system. You need to accumulate as many points as possible before launch because those members will get community giveaways as well as airdrops, OAT, POAP, and other community perks.

  • 🤝 5 points : Collect 5 points to move up one level (Class 1 - Class 6)
  • 💸 10 points : Collect 10 points to move up two level (Class 1 - Class 6)
  • ⛺ 25 points : Get Knight role automatically once you reach 25 points
  • 🛒 50 points : Get free Better Priority NFT Card as well as a Knight role
  • 🎯 100 points : Collect your supreme role - There are 10 left. First come, first serve

1️⃣ Discord Quest - 1 point each

A key area our team wishes to improve is getting started at Betterticket. Members may not be aware that the Dashboard exists, and many will have a lot of questions. Please read all documents so that you can help new members easily. Discord quests will be worth 1 point.

1️⃣ Twitter Quest - 1 point each

It's important for us to increase our Twitter presence and gain more partnerships there because Twitter is an area we are falling behind. Therefore, whenever Betterticket posts something, make sure you interact with it, tag at least 3 friends who might be interested, and leave comments that are related to the tweet. Twitter quests will be worth 1 point.

1️⃣ Growth Quest - 1 point each

As we gain momentum, experience, and growth in the market, it is essential that we stay on top of the best tips for improving our community in this fast-paced web 3.0 environment. You should review what others do, what's working and not working, and suggest a growth strategy that will advance our community forward. Growth quests will be worth 1 point.

5️⃣ Translation Quest - 5 points each

Betterticket has many members from around the world who are eager to contribute and collaborate with us. We want to make our community documents, community Dashboard, and many other things easier to understand. We ask that you do not copy and paste from Google Translate. Before you submit your translation for review, ensure it is accurate and legit. All translations will be worth 2 points due to the lengthy process. You can only translate for your own language.

5️⃣ Video Quest - 5 points each

Occasionally, a little video is worth watching. Our goal is to create explainer videos of what Betterticket is, our community, and a walkthrough of what new members need to do. Make sure your video is clear without background sounds and somewhat professional for our community. A nice gesture would be to introduce yourself (Discord name) and your current role within the server. Video quests will be worth 3 points.

🔟 Platform Quest - 10 points each

Our platform should be robust, better, and distinguish itself among the crowd. It's essential that our platform works without errors and provides an awesome user experience. The platform quest will be more difficult and you'll need to spend a lot of time thinking about it and making it better.