Community Roles


Betterticket Tip: We plan to make Bettertickets' growth easy for everyone with incentives that can be used by anyone. Thanks to our 8 different classes, we designed a model for the community to participate and earn as the platform grows. Among the perks and benefits for each class are free token airdrops, free merch, free international event tickets to any Betterticket concert or show worldwide, early access to our event launchpad, Party to Earn tickets, and more. To speed up your process, please visit

Classes and Details

Class 0: General Admission - This role will be unlocked automatically after verifying yourself with Wick Bot.

Class 1: Evangelist

After initial engagement in the discord, this role will be unlocked. Make friends and show interest to easily obtain it. Feel free to use this as inspiration on how you stay active:

Class 2: Visionary

In order to unlock the Visionary, you must have spent at least 3 days on the Discord after acquiring the Evangelist status. Or, you can also invite 5 people to get visionary. This may seem impossible at first, but it's not. You need to be active during those days to demonstrate your initiative before continuing. Feel free to check the quest that you can participate in.

Class 3: Sentinel

You will need to be active on the Discord server for at least 15 days or have at least 25 invitations on the server to unlock the Sentinel. There is no need to have a full conversation, but you can show your presence through "GM chat" or "Off-topics chat". It's your job to explain What Betterticket is to someone who doesn't understand it. Check out the Whitepaper if you don't understand.

Class 4: Elites

Your knight role was taken from you if you were inactive as a knight or you leveled up from Sentinel to receive this role. Whatever the reason, congratulations, you're a member of the elite. If you want to unlock Elites, first you must get all the roles of the previous classes and then stay on the server for more than 30 days. If you have a class 0: General Admission role, don't worry... If you invite 50 people in Discord, you'll receive Elite Role. To move up the latter, you must do at least 2 quests and stay active.

Class 5: Promoter

Complete at least 5 quests and be on the discord for over 30 days to unlock. There is no way around it. You will be hand picked by mods for this role. As long as you are active and help the community move forward, your contribution will be noticed and appreciated. If you want to move faster, you can first invite at least 75 people on the discord AND complete 2 quests. Make sure to share your proof in the off-topic to gain this role.

Class 6: Organizer

Make a video review about Betterticket, create a One Page summary of Betterticket, share Betterticket on Twitter, and design stickers for Betterticket. Those are the requirements to obtain class 6. This class 6 role requires you to be a Discord member for 30 days and to have completed at least 10 quests. Be active and help the community. You will be handpicked by the mods. If you want to move faster, you can first invite at least 100 people on the discord AND complete 4 quests. Make sure to share your proof in the off-topic to gain this role.

Class 7: Knight - 300/500 (Will be closed after we reach a total of 500 knight members)

First, you must have class 6 and complete at least 20 quests. After that, you will be selected by the team. You cannot ask for it or you will be banned. Stand out from the crowd by being exceptional.

Class 8: Supreme - Extraordinary members= 10 left before closing
Wildcard Class 1 through Class 7 Fast Jump = CLOSED 🔐

When Class 7: Knight is completed, we will remove it from the list and Class 6 will be the new last role. There will be no more roles added. These are all the roles that will exist forever in our discord. Get it now while it's still available. Best of luck.