Discord Walk-through


Betterticket Tip: Upon joining the server, you will need to obtain your “General Admission - Class 0”. This grants you access to the server where you can start unlocking tribe classes. You get this simply by verifying with Wick Bot on the discord. You might feel overwhelmed with so many channels available, but don't worry, most channels are organized by sections and have a description outlining their primary focus. Below is a walkthrough of all of our channels in the discord.

  • 🔊 Lo-Fi Chill Music: Listen to community music 24/7

Better Gate

Open to anyone in the server
  • start-here│👈: Welcome page
  • verify-yourself│👈: Command for Wick Bot
  • select-language│🌍: To add your language and join that channel
  • select-space│⚽: Select an emoji for the space you wish to join!
  • invite-tracker│☎: Check how many invites you have
  • support-tickets│❤: To create a ticket react with Mail emoji
  • 📣 Announcements: Follow this major announcement 📢

Better Information

Open to anyone in the server
  • project-updates│📰: Stay updated on the product
  • twitter-feeds│🧩: Follow this to stay to up with our Twitter.

Betterticket Giveaways

For Mods & Staff only
  • poap-giveaway│🎪: For organizing POAP giveaways
  • knight-giveaway│🎪: For organizing Knight giveaways
  • supreme-giveaway│🎪: For organizing Supreme giveaways

Better Community

Open to anyone in the server - Where the community meet and talk
  • general-chat│🎪: Discuss anything here to level up your class
  • off-topics│⚽: Have anything else in mind? Share here.
  • better-memes│😺: Share your memes here.
  • lofi-music-control: Want to change the community music? Do it here
  • song-of-the-day│🎧: Share the song of the day here with the community
  • follow│💡: Follow your community members here
  • bot-commands│🤖: Check your rank and get crazy here

Better Content

Open to anyone in the server
  • proof│📸: Share a screenshot that you contributed
  • better-stickers│🍏: Did you design something? share them here
  • videos-share│📸: Drop your videos about betterticket in this chat
  • twitter-love│💎: Please share your tweet about us here
  • we-are-the-supreme: Classified. What happens here, Stays here.

Better Language

Open to anyone in the server
  • thai│🇹🇭: Join the Thai community
  • chinese│🇨🇳: Join the Chinese community
  • russian│🇷🇺: Join the Russian community
  • japanese│🇯🇵: Join the Japanese community
  • persian│🇮🇷: Join the Persian community

Better Space

Open to anyone in the server
  • contents-ideas│🍊: Add any content ideas you have in mind
  • suggestion│🍌: Do you an opportunity to make us better? Suggest it.
  • event-expert│🍎: Reserve for event experts to discuss events.
  • developers-space│🥕: Reserve for developers to discuss coding

Better Stage

Open to anyone in the server
  • ask-better│💬: Ask whatever you think about in this chat
  • ama-question│💬: Reserver for future Discord AMA questions.

Better Office

For Mods & Staff only
  • team│🤡: Team is working.... Top Secret FBI.
  • discord-news│📰: Discord keeps the community inform and updated
  • team meeting room│👥: Team is working.... Top Secret FBI.