FAQs & Suggestions


  1. I just joined and I’m excited to know how where to start?
  2. To get started please visit

    and please check the
    Community Roles
    for more information

  3. What is purpose of the community on discord?
  4. We are a decentralized community working to increase adoption and awareness of the events industry in DeFi and Web 3 space.

  5. How can I contribute?
  6. After you join the Discord, you can find quests that you can participate in. Be sure to share your talents with the community.

  7. What are some benefits for the roles?
  8. When are community calls?
  9. The majority of our community calls occur on weekends. Keep an eye on our discord server for updates.


  1. Where do I put my suggestion for the community?
  2. You can add any suggestion inside the discord on the Better Space

    Better Space is open to anyone in the server
    • contents-ideas│🍊: Add any content ideas you have in mind
    • suggestion│🍌: Do you an opportunity to make us better? Suggest it.
    • event-expert│🍎: Reserve for event experts to discuss events.
    • developers-space│🥕: Reserve for developers to discuss coding
  3. Where do I vote on proposals? We don’t have one yet but we will update this info once we create one. For now, please use the discord for all the proposal in the community.
  4. What are quest?
  5. Quests allow you to contribute to a proposed task and earn points. Look for a topic that interests you and do it as a quest.

  6. Who are the mods that can help me?
  7. Yijia | Betterticket 🐍 - yijia#1090

    stevenlei | Betterticket - stevenlei#1667

    moriamir | BetterTicket 🦇#5079

    You can be banned for saying bad anything about mods without an explanation. We appreciate your patience and respect for our moderators.

  8. Approximately how many Knights are there at the moment?
  9. As of April 11, we have 300 knights. The number of Knights may fluctuate depending on additional campaigns we might add and whether or not we remove Knight members due to being inactive in the community for more than 10 days.

  10. When will different classes no longer be relevant?
  11. DAO Classes are a way to bring out the best in the community. The goal was to engage the community in a fun way and only give a whitelist to genuine community members. After June 10, the only roles left will be (Team, Mod, Knight, Supreme, General). Before closing the program, we will have a screenshot of every member’s username and wallet address for future airdrops and perks.

  12. In case I was in class 4 before June 10, 2022, and the program closed, but I didn’t participate in the NFT sale, what will happen after that?
  13. Unfortunately, you missed the objectives of these community DAO classes. Class 4 alone is not enough. Either use it to participate in “Better Priority NFT Card®” sale or to move to class 5 where you get to share 0.3% higher community airdrop. After June 10, 2022, all classes became general except for Knight. So, if you had a class 4 role, it won’t mean anything after 60 days have passed from this announcement.

  14. Could I still get something if I made it to class 5 before June 10, 2022 but then the program closed?
  15. Because you made it above class 3, you will be whitelisted for our NFT public sale. In order to participate in the NFT sale, Betterticket members must belong to class 3 and above. Don’t forget that our DAO classes are designed for you to level up to Knight. It’s a way for you to climb the ladder. To speed up this process, you can participate in community events before the 60 days run out or June 10, 2022. When you have the Knight membership, you get a lot more perks than everyone else.

  16. How does it work if I have a knight role, but I didn’t participate in the NFT sale?
  17. As long as you hold the Knight role before June 10, 2022, you will still receive the airdrop. A 0.2% knight airdrop will be shared among Knights members.

  18. How can I make the most of my Knight role?
  19. If you participate in the NFT sale, you will receive it at a cheaper mint price and be a part of the 0.3% NFT Holder airdrop. If you work hard and get to supreme, you will receive the extra 0.2% Supreme airdrop.

Product and Business Model as of May 2022

  1. What have you learned so far from working on your early beta product? Our testing with a few customers found that even professionals face innovation dalhima. How will their way of doing things change if NFT Tickets take over. People are reluctant to change their ways of doing things. Because of this, our approach for easy adoption is to teach people about NFTs in Events. We started doing so through our partnership with Harvard Business School, where we had the opportunity to shine a light on the space. In order to make adoption easy, we plan to begin with web3 conferences and events centered on crypto and expand from there.
  2. What problems/hurdles are you anticipating? It will take some time to build a community of people who care about the company's vision and mission. In crypto, you are measured by your community, which is determined by how many members you have on Discord or Twitter. The majority of people, however, want an OHM folks that has 1000X in 3 days. Not really a sustainable long term project. So that's our first hurdle we will need to solve.
  3. Where do new users come from? Users are actually the easy part of our platform. One event can get us up to 5000 users just like that.  Our users come from people who are going to our events. For example, If we collaborate with the Bitcoin conference and everyone purchases their event tickets through us, that is how we get users.
  4. How does your product work in more detail? Our intuitive user interface lets anyone create their events quickly and easily. Fans can buy tickets to the events they wish to attend. However, our Metaverse Hub is quite unique. Imagine a place where you see all events happening in all the Metaverse worldwide. Simply click on them, and it will ask you to pay access fees before it teleports you to the Metaverse event.
  5. Who is going to be your first paying customer? Crypto enthusiast and Web 3 users. Once we have a finished platform with a good product market fit, we can target Web 2 users.
  6. How will you make money? We make money through Ticket sales, Launchpad fees, creating exclusive events, NFTs sales and token trading.
  7. Why did your team get together? They believe in the long term vision and they see blockchain being an important tool for the future of the events.
  8. Why about community members who follow Betterticket? Members of our community are extremely intelligent and talented individuals who see great potential in NFT. They follow because they want change and want to see blockchain integrated into the event system. It is important for us to be honest, transparent, and to keep our promises to them, our community members.
  9. What part of your project are you going to build first? We are shipping the event platform first where users can create events and sell NFT as tickets. You can find more information here:
  10. Do you have plan to raise? We are not really focusing on the raise now. Our primary goal is to launch the product first, which will help us determine how much money we need to raise later on. But, we have already spoken to several investors and we will continue to do so in the near future.
  11. How long can you go before funding? We can continue for another six months. As mentioned above, we have a strong belief in this project, and are willing to risk our own money to build it until it runs out of money.
  12. How much does customer acquisition cost? Our CAC will be around $0.50. Our marketing campaign will cost somewhere around $100,000 in a year, and we will be able to acquire +200,000 new users using our products.
  13. What is your burn rate? and what will it be in the next 6 month? Currently, we are burning around $18K/month on salary alone. This is pretty small considering the level of work we have to do so far. In May, we estimate to burn at least $60K/month on salary when we have a team of 15 people or more.
  14. Six months from now, what's going to be your biggest problem? Customer service. We can’t have people complaining about the platform not working or they can’t find their tickets. We will need to have a support team to handle all of that.
  15. How are you understanding customer needs? We are asking them verbally. We plan to ship the product and really test it out in the real world. The more we learn, the more we upgrade our platform.
  16. What makes new users try you? We plan to offer reference links and promo discounts for first time event professionals. Of course, our APR and APY will be another factor in the game.
  17. What are the key things about your field that outsiders don't understand? Consumer-driven products will always come down to a simple concept. Is this the path of least resistance? For us, as long as we’re building a better, fast and easy to use platform, we will always come to the top.
  18. Why will you succeed? To succeed, we must be the first in the market and learn quickly. Our goal is to fail fast and learn from our mistakes as fast as possible so we can evolve based on what our customers demand.
  19. Why isn't someone already doing this? Everyone is to solve this problem. We have amazing competitors who are now entering the market. This is an open world and many are still startups out there who are in research mode about the event industry. We’ve written about them here: https://blog.betterticket.info/a-2021-full-comparison-of-blockchain-event-ticketing-platform-543fb525b6b7
  20. Where can I find weekly information and update on the project? We post weekly update on the discord on the channel called: project-updates│📰