Getting Started


Betterticket Tip: The following page provides an overview of Betterticket's new member orientation process and tips to help you get started.

Since the majority of our community uses Discord as a communication and management tool, below is our provided cheat codes which allow you to progress through levels more quickly.

😌 I have between 10 minutes and an hour to spend on Discord

  1. Introduce yourself in the general channel.
  2. Attend Betterticket AMA and Community Meetings.
  3. Follow us on Twitter and other social media.

😀 I'm available on Discord for several hours.

  1. Browse the community quests and see which one you can complete.
  2. Participate in discord chats and communicate with others.

😎 I have a lot of time to devote to Betterticket Discord

  1. Take part in Discord discussions
  2. Take a look at our platform and suggest something you think might be useful
  3. Participate in different quests
  4. Try to help other new members as you communicate and stay active on the server.