Introduction to Betterticket

Hey there, welcome to Betterticket. Betterticket is a Web 3.0 decentralized event management and ticketing platform for In-Person, Online, Metaverse or Hybrid Events.

We are focused on creating an event platform that embodies the future of event technology. One in which NFTs can be used as event tickets while also offering unique opportunities for attendee engagement and loyalty programs.

Betterticket has 5 key components: Event Aggregator (In-Person and Metaverse Events), Event NFT Marketplace, Event Metaverse Hub, Event Launchpad (Accelerator), and Event Package (Guilds). With these components, our goal is to provide a seamless link between Web 2 and Web 3 through events and all of our products.

  1. Full transparency and authenticity with NFT Event Marketplace
  2. More Revenue and More Royalties with NFTs Tickets
  3. Endless virtual events with Metaverse Hub
  4. A streamlined experience with Event management and Event Launchpad
  5. Reinforced Security and KYC with Event Launchpad
  6. High APR that is constant and based on event economy