Media Kit - Betterticket Brand Guide

Thank you for bring interested in our brand kit. 1. Introduction and Policy This document contains the marketing brand standard and logo use policies and procedures for Betterticket. To ensure marketing cohesiveness and effectiveness of Betterticket brand, it is crucial for any visual identity and credibility to follow a distinct guidance of the Betterticket. These protections cover all copyrighted materials, including web content, documents, videos, graphics, social media, press releases and other publications.  Betterticket is our identity. Thus, its logo use and other marketing branding must be protected and preserved to ensure brand recognition and continued success of our Brand. Modifications or distortions to the Betterticket logo, wordmark, or external marketing mark in any way are prohibited. The Betterticket logo should appear on all marketing, publications and printed materials that represent the DAO in all of its forms. All contents by Betterticket must adhere to the design options outlined here. Moreover, all marketing are responsible for identifying incorrect use of the logo and will work with Betterticket to bring applications of the logo into compliance.  2. General Guidance The Betterticket brand and logo carry significant meaning and value to those in the crypto space and blockchain industry. This is why, logos that do not meet the Betterticket brand standards may not be used unless they’re used to mark special occasions such as Betterticket community events, competitions, meme contests or  sticker contests. The duration of the use of this logo is short-term, and promotes or identifies only this particular event, campaign, and or initiative. The logo can be reproduced up to any maximum size. Any use of the logo on materials that will be printed or produced in a large format, such as billboards, should be reviewed by the Betterticket Team, even if the item is based on a previously approved template or approval authority has been delegated.  When the logo is placed next to other text or graphics, the logo should have a minimum of ¼" clearance from any object, text or edge all the way around. The logo may be placed against any background that does not interfere or reduce the quality or visibility of it. Betterticket offers some variations in the logo colors: black and white logos are available for use in black and white applications and full color logos are available for use with color applications.